popefrancisphotoPope Francis has made the unprecedented decision to endorse a US presidential candidate. His statement in support of Donald Trump was released from the Vatican this evening:

“I have been hesitant to offer any kind of support for either candidate in the US presidential election but I now feel that to not voice my concern would be a dereliction of my duty at the Holy See. A strong and free America is vitally important in maintaining a strong and free world and in that sense what happens in American elections affects us all. The Rule of Law is the backbone of the American government as it is in any nation that strives for freedom and I now fear that the Rule of Law in America has been dealt a dangerous blow. The FBI, in refusing to recommend prosecution after admitting that the law had been broken on multiple occasions by Secretary Clinton, has exposed itself as corrupted by political forces that have become far too powerful. Though I don’t agree with Mr. Trump on some issues, I feel that voting against the powerful political forces that have corrupted the entire American federal government is the only option for a nation that desires a government that is truly for the people and by the
people. For this primary reason I ask, not as the Holy Father, but as a concerned citizen of the world that Americans vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States.”
Sources within the Vatican reportedly were aware that the Pope had been discussing the possibility of voicing his concern in the US presidential election but apparently were completely unaware that he had made a decision on going forward with voicing this concern until his statement was released this evening from the Vatican. Stay tuned to WTOE 5 News for more on this breaking news.


2. Conservative Ideas Versus Liberal Arguments



Liberals emphasize the need for government to solve problems while Conservative ideals teach personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, traditional American values and a strong national defense.

Because people love “free stuff”, they think a liberal administration is doing them good. They do not realize that the “free”stuff are not really free. They come from us – the people—from our over 20 Trillion debt. That’s why personal responsibility is so essential. That’s why we must question our legislators why they allow our over 20 trillion debt to continue to pile up?  That’s why the actions of Hillary Clinton are more detrimental to our country than the words of Donald Trump. Actions definitely speak much louder than words. Evil comes to fruition with actions. With what Hillary has done in Benghazi, Libya, with the death of the Ambassador and his three compatriots. With her destruction of thousands of classified emails, with their corrupt foundation, that clearly distribute government favors for contributions to their foundation are active endeavors that will continue to contribute to the destruction of America and American values. Yes, there is evil in what Trump has said but the evil in what Hillary has done is more pervasive and destructive. That’s why Trump is a better choice.



Things That Really Matter

1. Political Corruption & Correctness Versus Truth
2. Conservative ideas Versus Liberal Arguments.
3. Country or Nationalistic Values Versus World Government
4. Christian Ethics and Values Versus Islamic Teachings

These are only 4 of the many serious topics plaguing our society and world. And correctly understanding where each side lies in the realm of GOOD VERSUS EVIL IS VERY ESSENTIAL!

If you suspect your beliefs and understanding concerning all of the above are confused or at the very least, shaky—–you need a lot of study and a lot of God’s WISDOM obtained from serious prayer and contact (not superficial prayer that selfishly asks for benefits only) with and from God; So He can help us understand that real prayer means caring for everything that can harm the world he created and fighting for what’s right & good in unity with all of God’s teachings.

Let’s start with #1. “Political Corruption & Correctness Versus Truth & Judge Jeanine Pirro:



A Wonderful And Inspiring Little Video

In life, we have joy and happiness, longing and sadness, apprehension, worry,  and a multitude of other feelings that occupy our lives because we are only human and are subjected to all of these normal human life experiences. We share, we comment, we learn and we teach; and every so often we encounter a beautiful experience that we want to really share—and this little video says it all but says it with wonderful simplicity.

The Irony Of Personal Opinion

Today as I watched tributes to Muhammad Ali, I could not help but focus on 2 videos that are expressing the exact opposition to each other———These videos make us think about the polarities affecting our society and our world. Be the judge.

1. Billy Crystal’s tribute to Ali

2. A Black Woman’s Claim Why She Never Liked Muhammad Ali

Why Are Our Decent Members Of Society Anywhere In Our World Scared To Express Good And Decent Positions Or Points Of View?

Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Father, Son and Holy Spirit

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke

Yes. More and more people in our society refuse to participate in the betterment of society. Most people are scared of terrorism, are scared of being confronted, are scared of internet bullies. They think that evil  will get back at them. If evil is left alone, it will multiply exponentially.  Evil must be fought and destroyed or it will destroy us.

Look at our own American society! Socialists and Communists are systematically converting our citizenry. That was because our way of life allowed these subversives to live among us. Many members of our ignorant population are accepting their ideologies; actually actively supporting  their policies. Oblivious of the fact that no Communist, Socialist or Marxist societies in the world has ever been successful in accomplishing the betterment of  any living standard of any government or society. We are oblivious to the fact that these ideologies actively “mask” their subversive activities using the charitable and loving doctrines of Christians and Catholics; in order to  deceive the naive of society.

In reality, only 80 % of the Muslim Faith can be considered a religion. A fearful 20% is actually an evil political force for terror and violence. Many fail to grasp that our Judeo-Christian practices and beliefs can never be reconciled with this evil political faction of chaos. Many Muslims never assimilate the traditions of places they live in. They rather demand the institution of their own Sharia Law.

Senseless allowance of refugees to flood any area, without a selective process of careful identification of “terrorists” among them indicates a mis-placed practice of charitable giving without concern for security dangers for a peaceful population. That’s where LIBERALISM in western society has endangered us all.

Hopefully all of us will study and continuously employ our god-given talents with the help of the Wisdom of Almighty God and “wade” through the foolish evils of our world and work to employ our “free wills” to function in unity with the immutable Will of Almighty God.


8 Years Of Suffering For The American People—Will Soon Be Over

The Machinations Of the Obama Administrations Did Not Happen Overnight, We, The American People Have Approved Them And We Suffer The Consequences!

A long-time friend from my college days shared with me the political view of a Catholic brother.

I am re-producing that comment : Knights of Columbus member, George R. Graf.  I agree with brother George. As a matter of fact, I do endorse his comments whole-heartedly!  His use of the phrase:  “ALL OF A SUDDEN” IS CUTE…..……here it is below:

All of A Sudden….Seven Short Years Have Passed!” 

Before Obama there was virtually no outlandish presence of Islam in America.

• All of a sudden, Islam is taught in schools. Christianity and the bible are banned in schools.

• All of a sudden we must allow prayer rugs everywhere and allow for Islamic prayer in schools, airports and businesses.

• All of a sudden we must stop serving pork in prisons.

• All of a sudden we are inundated with law suits by Muslims who are offended by American culture.

• All of a sudden we must allow burkas to be worn everywhere even though you have no idea who or what is covered up under them.

• All of a sudden Muslims are suing employers and refusing to do their jobs if they personally deem it conflicts with Sharia Law.

• All of a sudden the Attorney General of the United States vows to prosecute anyone who engages in “anti-Muslim speech”.

• All of a sudden, Jihadists who engage in terrorism and openly admit they acted in the name of Islam and ISIS, are emphatically declared they are NOT Islamic by our leaders and/or their actions are determined NOT to be terrorism, but other nebulous terms like ‘workplace violence.”

• All of a sudden, it becomes Policy that Secular Middle East dictators that were benign or friendly to the West, must be replaced by Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood.

• All of a sudden our troops are withdrawn from Iraq and the middle east, giving rise to ISIS.

• All of a sudden, America has reduced it’s nuclear stockpiles to 1950 levels, as Obama’s stated goal of a nuke-free America by the time he leaves office continues uninterrupted.

• All of a sudden, a deal with Iran must be made at any cost, with a pathway to nuclear weapons and HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars handed over to fund their programs.

 • All of a sudden America APOLOGIZES to Muslim states and sponsors of terror worldwide for acts of aggression, war and sabotage THEY perpetrate against our soldiers.

 • All of a sudden, the American Navy is diminished to 1917 Pre-World War I levels of only 300 ships. The Army is at pre-1940 levels. The Air Force scraps 500 planes and planned to retire the use of the A-10 Thunderbolt close air support fighter.  A further draw down of another 40,000 military personnel is in progress.

 • All of a sudden half of our aircraft carriers are recalled for maintenance by Obama rendering the Atlantic unguarded, NONE are in the Middle East.

 • All of a sudden Obama has to empty Guantanamo Bay of captured Jihadists and let them loose in Jihad-friendly Islamic states.  He demands to close the facility.

 • All of a sudden America will negotiate with terrorists and trade FIVE Taliban commanders for a deserter and Jihad sympathizer.

 • All of a sudden there is no money for American poor, disabled veterans, jobless Americans, hungry Americans, or displaced Americans but there is endless money for Obama’s “Syrian refugee” resettlement programs.

 • All of sudden there is an ammunition shortage in the USA.

 • All of a sudden, the most important thing for Obama to do after a mass shooting by two Jihadists, is disarm American Citizens.

 * All of a sudden, the President of the United States can not attend the Christian Funerals of a Supreme Court Justice and a former First Lady because of previous (seemingly unimportant) commitments.

 … “By his fruits you will know him.”

 All of a sudden, I am sick to my stomach!

George R. Graf, Financial Secretary, Knights of Columbus

St. Mark the Evangelist Council No.10267 625 Park Rd., West Hartford, CT 06107      860-521-2571; graf.george@gmail.com   

Yes, brother George , …..by Obama’s fruits, we have all known him. And again our combined intelligences from the Almighty are being tested  by the upcoming elections. we are again being manipulated and tested by the macinations of evil; that includes leadership from both parties! God help us!

How The Philippines Got Asia’s Worst Internet Service-Re-print from Forbes

Annoying Philippine Internet Connection!

For years my friends and I, from different parts of America and the Philippines have been conferencing on Skype. The experience was fair but recently a friend from Marikina in the Philippines have been experiencing very bad internet connections. (His service is provided by Globe). Consequently, I wanted to get some answers and I found this story from Forbes Magazine which I want to share with all my facebook friends:

Unless we, the people put the utmost pressure on all people responsible for this situation–all people in the Philippines and all travelers from all parts of the world who use the internet for communications are the losers!

Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Chairman Manuel Pangilinan (R) addresses a media briefing in Manila’s financial district on August 4, 2015. (JAY DIRECTO/AFP/Getty Images)
Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Chairman Manuel Pangilinan (R) addresses a media briefing in Manila’s financial district on August 4, 2015. (JAY DIRECTO/AFP/Getty Images)

A traveler to the Philippines knows the dance too well. You check into a hotel that advertises Wi-Fi. Turns out it’s only available in the lobby, and only in the daytime. Then you learn of a freak service outage in the lobby. When you do eventually connect, no websites come up. On better days, each website takes a minute or two to load. Yes, on any kind of device.

The Philippines is Asia’s outlier for Internet sloth, but why?

Occasionally the answer is local. Your host might be afraid of keeping the router going 24 hours, for example. Or the hotel lacks money to extend Wi-Fi coverage to guestrooms. But more common explanations in the Southeast Asian country popular with foreign tourists are linked to economic development pains and awkward relations among providers. Obviously the issue isn’t limited to tourists. Gum in the Internet slows business for the nation of 102 million people. Oh, and apparently help is not on the way.

Here’s a schematic of how things don’t work.

The Philippines is made up of about 7,100 islands, making fixed networks particularly hard to build. Permits may be issued only at the smallest level of local government, and one by one. The government also charges “high fees,” a deterrent to any start-ups or foreign investors in broadband, said Fiona Vanier, senior media analyst with market research firm IHS Technology. Dominant broadband provider Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. controls much of the infrastructure, allowing it to charge fees higher than elsewhere in Asia despite a relatively poor population. The phone company goes on to charge other providers for traffic through its network as well, Vanier said, and the Philippines lacks Internet peering, which slows broadband speeds.


Most fixed-line Internet users still use old systems such as xDSL rather than newer fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technology, reducing speeds, says market research firm IDC’s Southeast Asia senior telecom research manager Alfie Amir. Last year, IDC says, just 2% of fixed Internet connections in the Philippines were FTTH, compared to 33% across Asia excluding Japan.

High-speed service costs about $57 (approximately 2,700 pesos) per month, more than in the United States, estimates Manila-based software technology entrepreneur Valenice Balace. After food, rent and education, that Internet bill “seems like a luxury,” she says. “Clearly, price would be the number one barrier for availing good internet speeds in the Philippines, since most people can’t afford it.”

Slow adoption of relatively advanced 4G-LTE connections keeps mobile Internet speeds slow. Most subscribers stick to 2G and 3G networks, Amir said, with just 1% on LTE networks despite the Asia average of 12%. Again there are big guys on the block. Philippine conglomerate San Miguel Corp. wants to enter the market and was assigned 90% of an “attractive,” available 700 megahertz spectrum, IHS senior research analyst Seth Wallis-Jones says. But the country’s two current wireless providers, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. and Globe Telecom, oppose that allocation. They are vying for a share of that spectrum ”through the courts and by lobbying the president, which is adding some uncertainty and delay,” he says.

Finally come the flukes and scams. Pockets of the capital Manila cannot get Internet speed upgrades because providers for their addresses simply don’t offer it, Balace says. In villages that comprise the Puerto Galera coastal tourist area, the installer of landlines “actually put in wireless connections to routers on the landline on the nearest main road,” one frustrated off-the-road resort operator says. “Within a very few years they took these ‘landlines’ away anyway and so there are virtually no landlines in Puerto Galera,” the operator says.