Mary And The Nativity Of Jesus

In this approaching nativity of Jesus: I discovered a fascinating writer: NT WRIGHT; Formerly an Anglican Bishop of Durham, in 2010 the Rt Reverend Dr N.T. Wright was appointed to a Chair in New Testament and Early Christianity in the School of Divinity at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. I would like to share 2 of his articles: 1.) Suspending scepticism: History and the Virgin Birth and 2,) The most dangerous baby. HERE THEY ARE: 1.) and 2.)


What Have I Gleaned From Observing Both Republicans And Democrats Discussing Affairs Of Our Country-America?

First: Democrats

1. Democrat politicians are very adept at twisting reality and declaring untruths to be truths and appear sincere.

2. They seem to be espousing “evil” as good and declare it as truly for the benefit of their constituents. Either they are blind to goodness or their constituents are truly under the influence of the evil one.

3. I legally migrated to New York about 50 years ago and thought I admired the Democrats and John F. Kennedy. Until I watched current events slowly turn into history. Kennedy was Catholic as I am and I don’t have to say anything more except that my eyes were opened. I truly did not admire Bill Clinton or his wife for obvious reasons. Obama is someone I truly despise. Again,I don’t have to detail  the despicable things that transpired in his administration. except that that administration was replete with executive orders that I believe work to destroy America and  its Judeo-Christian roots. There’s so much to despise with Democrat politicians. We should study them closely before we attempt at wasting our votes for them. Now to Republicans.

Now: Republicans

1. Many Republican Politicians claim to be “Conservative” without really understanding what the word means. Conservatism as compared to Liberalism is pretty darn close to truth; especially when liberalism is protecting illegality, criminality over the welfare of American citizens. What about Security? If Republicans care about the security of the nation; why don’t they have the “guts” (no, the “balls”) to quickly pass legislation to build the walls to keep illegals out? What about “Sanctuary”? By Judeo-Christian standards, it should be a beautiful word; until it is utilized to the detriment of American Citizens and every law-abiding inhabitant of a city or state; killing Americans like Kate Steinle. If you think she is the only one, go to this site: and see all people killed by illegals.

2.Republican Politicians, unlike Donald J Trump, hesitate to call a spade, a “SPADE”!  Many of them contribute to destroying a duly elected president because they are mostly concerned about the positions and power of their respective offices. Because Trump is doing the logical promises that the American people elected him for, They are afraid that they will be cleared out as part of the “swamp” and the corrupt members of the previous administration.

3. After 50 years of observing the Democrats, I thought I liked the Bushes; until I saw the similarities of their operation with  Obama and the Clintons and their similar predilection at opposing a duly elected president in Donald J Trump. May of us believe that Trump’s election is brought about by Divine Providence! So, again, like Democrats, we must watch Republicans before we elect them. We must put God’s guidance into the process because our judgements can be self-serving unlike God’s which is immutable and unaffected by bias. God bless us all and let’s PRAY EVERYDAY THAT OUR COUNTRY AND SOCIETY AS A WHOLE MAY NOT BE DAMAGED BY THE EVIL DOINGS OF OUR POLITICIANS AND LEADERS.




12/13/2017 Congressional Hearing of Rod Rosenstein

What Have We Learned?

I have been watching the Congressional hearing of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for over 3 hrs or more. And I have come up with several conclusions:
1.)Both sides of the aisle (as they say: Democrats and Republicans) have been unable to elucidate an explanation to all the violations of law the Justice Department (including the FBI, which the Department of Justice is tasked with managing) is accused of having committed no matter which Philosophical ideology you espouse or believe in. Which means both parties are ineffective at getting to the truth and are just conspicuously spending our tax money without any results. Therefore it’s time for all voters to espouse no party affiliations whatsoever and all become INDEPENDENTS!
2.) One question stands in my mind that no congress man or woman asked this question: “Shouldn’t at least the FBI, especially before the start of a political investigation be required to purge its ranks with any political leanings, one way or the other in order to protect its constitutional mandate at upholding the law”? Which means that if your career oath is law-enforcement; you have no business at adulterating your law enforcement duties with political bias!!!!
3.) Since my legal immigration to this country, I have observed the God-loving and the religious practitioners of society have been much farther even at “arms-length” from confronting evil practices in society; but openly espouse clear evil practices: like Communism (and it’s branch: SOCIALISM); elicit cohabitation (whether with the opposite sex or same sex); homosexuality and lesbianism. This includes elected politicians that twist the meaning of TRUTH that have been in our society for over 2,000 years. They all support practices that oppose the clear mandates of an IMMORTAL BEING who created and maintains the well-being of the universe.

My New Recording of Golden Moment from the Broadway Play: “Hot September”. Then I Also Wrote And Recorded A Tagalog Version.

Golden Moment

A song originally recorded by Frank Sinatra. The song was taken from the Broadway Play:”Hot September”. I chose the song because of its poignant lyrics and an excellent orchestration, so much so that I wrote and also recorded a Tagalog (Philippine language) version of it. I’m including the lyrics for both versions, so you can follow the recording with the lyrics. Hope you enjoy them.

Here they are below:

Golden Moment Lyrics

You’re young for a golden moment; You  sigh   &  it   flies   away;

 and then in the silent September; you dream of the music of May;

 You’re young for a shining hour; But soon it’s remember when;

Take hold of that golden moment; For once it’s gone, it never comes back again.


Take hold of that golden moment; For once it’s gone, it never comes back, You try, still it won’t come back, It’s gone and never comes back again.

Gintong Sandali

Lyrics written by: Manny Crisol

Ang buhay ————ay maikli; Tulad sa Isang sandali;

Ang bawat nating panaginip; Inasam sa nag-da-ang saglit;

Bawat nating gintong aral; Huwag sanang kaligtaan;

Gamitin gintong pangarap; pag-nagdaan,  di na mag-ba-balik muli;


Gamitin gintong pangarap; Huwag sayangin – ang gintong aral;

Ating mga panaginip; atin ang mga gintong sandali.

Reasons For Sharing Particular Songs I’ve Recorded

Certain Songs I’ve Recorded Here

Particularly, these two(2) recent songs originally sang by Sinatra: 1.)Everything Happens To Me. and 2.) London By Night; I recorded because of the poetical nature of the lyrics and the extra-ordinary musicality of the composition. Plus the fact that these songs stand out from the mundane music that are heard from our airwaves. Hope you enjoy them too as I do. This time, I am including the lyrics, so you can follow along.

Everything Happens To Me

I never found the rainbow;

Never saw a pot of gold;

I lost at dice in Vegas every single time that I roll;

I’ve stamped my daydreams: “cancelled”;

and the winter’s gettin’ cold

Everything happens to me

I’ve known a lot of ladies

but there’s something that I lack;

Each time that there’s a break-up;

I’m the one who holds the sack;

And when I give my heart away, I always get it back;

Everything happens to me.

At first my heart thought you could break this jinx for me;

that love would turn the trick to end despair;

But now I just can’t fool this head that thinks for me;

and I’ve mortgaged all my castles in the air.

Now in the school of life, well I was lucky just to pass;

and now I’m chasin’ rainbows with the losers in the class;

but how you don’t find rainbows in the bottom of a glass;

Everything happens to me.

Telegraphed and phoned; I sent an “airmail” special too;

your answer was: “goodbye” and there was even postage due;

I fell in love just once and then it had to be with you;

Everything happens to me

London By Night

London by night is a wonderful sight

There is magic abroad in the air

I’m often told that the streets turn to gold

When the moon shines on Circus and Square

Deep in the dark that envelops the park

There´s romance in each cigarette’s glow

Down by the Thames, lights that sparkle like gems

Seem to wink at each girl and her beau

Up comes the moon when the city’s asleep

He´s not alone, for it seems

Somewhere up there stands an angel to keep her watch

While each Londoner dreams

My love and I saw the sun leave the sky

Then we kissed in the fast-fading light

Most people say they love London by day

But lovers love London by night (REPEAT SECTION IN RED, TO END)


Truth And Its Proper Dissemination

All Of Us, Especially In This Age Of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc. Have BeenTarget Objects of “Fake News”

Today, however, it was a terrific morning for me after watching Gen, John Kelly, White House, Chief Of Staff, clarifying reports that he was quitting his job or being fired  by the president from his post; one of the most recent attempts at trying to show President Trump’s administration in disarray. Wonderful guy. Judge for yourself.


Next Set Of Songs I’ve Recorded: 1) Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars, 2. Meditation, 3. Triste, 4. Girl From Ipanema, 5. New York, New York

1. Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars

2. Meditation

3. Triste

4. The Girl From Ipanema

5. New York, New York

Songs I’ve Recorded

Here are the songs, I recently recorded:

1. The Impossible Dream

2. Little Things Mean A Lot

3. How Do You Keep The Music Playing

4. God’s Way

5. At Long Last Love

“Non Coronabitur Nisi Legitime Certaverit”- (Without a legitimate battle there is no victory)

The Melk Abbey Church in Melk, Austria.

During Our Scandinavian Cruise Some Years Back, We Visited Melk Abbey Church in Melk, Austria. The amazing thing about this church is not it’s beauty or grandeur, but the inscription on its high altar:  “Non Coronabitur Nisi Legitime Certaverit”(Without a legitimate battle there is no victory)

Melk, Austria

I could not forget that inscription, because in very legitimate terms it explains in a very short phrase the value of our faith and more importantly, the real meaning of God’s promise: HEAVEN! The attainment of our end-goal becomes real only with a genuine fight for its true value. What is involved? Prayer, Eucharist, toil and work.